The CCL 150 Type I Ambulance

RedSky is proud to offer the new CCL 150 Type I ambulance in California! Focused on delivering safety and durability at an affordable price, the CCL 150 Type I is an excellent choice for fire departments looking to optimize their budget.  Vision is the key to designing the interior and exterior for fire-based EMS and providing the reliability to keep your CCL150 on the road.  Available for quick delivery, this new Type I ambulance could be your perfect choice.

A Type I ambulance with features focused on Safety, Durability, and Value.

The new CCL 150 Type I ambulance offers an amazing value for California departments looking for a great ambulance to meet their challenging budget.

The quality construction and attention to detail make this a must-see unit:


Our team at RedSky would love the opportunity to bring this vehicle to you; schedule a demo online or call at 866-500-5948 to set a time to see it!

Browse our image gallery to take a look at the all new CCL 150 Type I.

View a detailed walk-around video of the CCL 150 Type 1.

• 150″ long X 96″ wide body with 68″ interior headroom, with 72″ option available
• Fully certified: meets or exceeds KKK-A-1822F and GVS V2.0 standards, including GVS V2.0 remountable standards
• Lifetime Structural Warranty
• All aluminum extruded body, including cabinetry
• Industry leading payload and available storage space
• Promotes safety, aerodynamics and efficient remount process
• Design supports efficient workflow and ergonomics for EMS professionals and patients
• Floor construction designed for all cot systems

• Highly durable and long lasting
• SAE Compliant Hardware
• Lighter than wood reducing overall weight
• Powder coated with antimicrobial coating for sanitary surfaces and easy cleaning

*Lifetime Paint Warranty
• Durable powder coating finish stands up over vehicle lifetime
• Lifetime warranty contributes towards lower cost
• Increases module life for remounting
• Environmentally friendly application

• Robust multiplex system that is proven to reduce downtime and lower repair costs
• Supports remote diagnostics and preventative maintenance
• Fleet Operators do not require certified electrical technicians to perform maintenance or troubleshooting

• Automotive style windows for better visibility and corrosion resistance
• Lower repair costs
• Prevents leaks

• Safer and easier access with first step lower to ground
• Exclusive ergonomic feature designed for ambulatory patients
• Eliminates repair with no moving parts

• Underbody design eliminates damage to module when bumper is impacted, reducing downtime for repair
• Kick-plate protects body from impact damage and road debris, provides protection and reduces corrosion

• Antimicrobial coating prevents and protects all interior surfaces from growth of bacteria and destructive microorganisms
• Enhances safety for patients and EMS professionals

• Improved aerodynamics, increased fuel efficiency, and improved handling

• Transport oxygen cylinders in a safe and effective manner
• Lightweight and trouble-free with no systems to maintain
• Reduces back injuries by eliminating the need to lift

• Remounting the extended life module on a new chassis saves  thousands of dollars over purchasing a complete new ambulance
• Minimal vehicle downtime
• Eco-friendly solution
• Crestline Lifetime Structural Warranty applies