CCL 150 Type I

A Type I Ambulance from Crestline

RedSky is proud to represent CCL 150 ambulances in Arizona and Nevada! Focused on delivering safety and durability at an affordable price, the CCL 150 is an excellent choice for fire departments looking to optimize their budget.  Vision is the key to designing an the interior and exterior for fire-based EMS and providing the reliability to keep your CCL150 on the road.  Available for quick delivery, this new type I ambulance could be your perfect choice.

The Type I ambulance with features focused on Safety, Durability and Value.

The new CCL 150 Type I ambulance offers an amazing value for Arizona and Nevada departments looking for a great ambulance to meet their challenging budget.

The quality construction and attention to detail make this a must-see unit:

  • 150″ long X 96″ wide body with 72″ interior headroom, with 68″ option available
  • Fully certified: meets or exceeds KKK-A-1822F and GVS V2.0 standards, including GVS V2.0 remountable standards
  • Aluminum Extruded Body Construction
  • Aluminum Cabinets
  • CrestCoat: Powder Coating Technology
  • Multiplex Electrical System
  • Flush Mount Windows
  • Dual Entry Step
  • Rear Bumper Design
  • CrestClean: Antimicrobial Coating
  • 4″ Radius Corners
  • O2 To Go available: transport oxygen cylinders in safely and effectively
  • Remount Advantage
  • Lifetime Paint Warranty
  • Lifetime Structural Warranty


Our team at RedSky would love the opportunity to bring this vehicle to you; schedule a demo online or call 866-522-8311 to set a time to see it!

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